Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Seek Ye First

Seek Ye First

Idolatry is placing anything between us and Christ. Why do I place so many things between us? Because I am human. But that is a lousy excuse. So why do I do it? Because I am not allowing the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, and direct me. So sad. But I have been reading books the last two weeks. I have embarked on my plan to finish the New Testament by the end of June. I am in a much better place than I was. But I still allow distractions to creep in. I still allow myself to drift.

I will close out my internet and cable connections at the end of this month. I have discovered that the world of wireless internet connections outside my home is vast. The world of unsecured wireless internet connections is slightly less vast, and yet widely available. I am safer accessing the internet for brief periods of time to upload emails and download podcasts. I am excited about the prospect. This means much more focus time at home. This means much more time to spend with friends.

One of my friends is moving. He got another job. He will be going back to his hometown. I am sad.

It is difficult for me to establish good friendships and we have developed a very strong one since he moved her slightly less than a year ago. It is even more difficult for me to FIND single men around my age who are dedicated to serving Christ. But I know that this whole thing means that God has tremendous things in store for both of us. I am looking forward to continuing the friendship despite the distance. But I am scared.

I would say that he is easily one of less than four guys I have had good solid Christian friendships with. We work together, so we have that bond. We agree on some pretty strongly held theological points. We are both tremendous fans of grace. We have both come through and still confront some of the same struggles. But my God is bigger than this. My God shall supply all my need. I need a male friend who will hold me accountable. I need a guy with whom I can discuss deep spiritual things one minute and sit down and eat a pizza and play a board game with the next.

So much for society’s mold of a man who is completely independent. So much for Hollywood’s view of strength. I have heard it said that meekness is not weakness; it is God’s power under control. Heavenly Father, I pray that you make me meek. Make me a man of humility.

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