Friday, November 10, 2006


Wow, what a difference a month and a half can make! I just reread my last entry and quite a few things have changed. The most obvious for me is that I have decided to get internet access at home again. I downloaded the American Family Filter from bSafe online to keep me from spending too much time online and to keep me from getting to websites I don't need to get to.

Another major shift is in my attitude toward mission work. I wrote that I wanted to go overseas. That was before I read K.P. Yohannan's book, "Revolution in World Missions." In the book, he writes about the native missionary movement in India and around the world. I had no idea how much more effectively money can be spent by native missionaries - people who are accustomed to living in the same miserable condition as those to whom they are ministering.

Whereas I would love to go overseas sometime, I would much rather send $1,000 to Gospel For Asia or Voice of the Martyrs to have them equip a missionary or missionaries to evangelize for months at a time. A two week short-term mission trip can run into multiple thousands of dollars and is over when it's over. Sending a native missionary to Bible college for the same price or less can have literally many hundreds of times the results.

The most awesome thing about Dave Ramsey's plan is that I now have money that I can send to missions agencies and really begin to use God's resources correctly.

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