Friday, March 25, 2005

It's Friday of spring break and I woke up at 5:00 this morning. What is wrong with this picture? Well, actually I woke up early so I could go meet my pastor and another friend for coffee like we frequently do on Friday mornings, so I'm not complaining. I chose to wake up early anyway, right? :)

I have been sick for most of the week and it makes for a pretty miserable spring break, but I'll get over it. I think that going to the Dallas area compounded it a bit because I have grown accustomed to breathing clean air and then I went there and it messed with me. It's amazing that I don't have any real asthma or breathing troubles when I am outside of that place. That's something that I really hadn't paid too much attention to until this week. I hoped to go to a doctor on Wednesday but I didn't call early enough and so I couldn't make an appointment. There are some really nice things that I like about living in a smaller town and not having to wait in traffic or lines is one of them.

It has been a nice week aside from being sick. It's fun to go back and visit my family and friends. I went on Monday and made salsa for my friends whose wedding I attended on March 5th. We also had enchiladas and sopapillas. Good dinner. Fun time. I also visited some of my former students and teacher friends in the district I was in last year. On Tuesday, I went to observe at another school where a couple of friends teach. I then went to the high school and was able to see the middle school kids that I student taught. The cute little 6th graders are now freshmen. It's crazy. I was surprised how many names I remembered, especially since some of them look so different from what they once did. Then on Wednesday I didn't do too much. I went to lunch with my dad and brother, and I went to church. I also took a three-hour nap. How cool that was. Then I went to church.

There are some things about that place that I miss, but there are also some things that I really like about my current fellowship. It is nice to be reminded of some of those things. I miss my friends, but I also really do enjoy my friends that are here. I realized that night that I really don't any longer consider North Texas to be my home. I am very comfortable with where I presently am. It's is so cool to see how amazingly God works things out like that. I still just sort of step back in amazment at how smoothly the transition into my job and living situation here has been. I love it! :)

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