Monday, May 22, 2006

Got Theology

Got Theology?

Have you ever wanted to sit down and have a good old fashioned conversation about basic theology?  Why is it that more people don’t understand some of the theological basics?  I mean, how can you go to church for most of your life and yet not understand justification?  How can you not understand the basics of salvation?  What’s up with that?

It is disappointing that so many people in churches know more about Jabez in the Old Testament than they do about Jesus Christ in the Old Testament.  More people could tell you how to be blessed than could tell you how to be saved.  And I don’t even want to begin tackling the subject of hypocrisy.  “Hey!  I’m a Christian, too!  Want to go clubbing tonight?  I’ll buy the drinks!”

Shallow people disappoint me. <sigh>

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